Become a leader on your campus and in your city

Opportunity open for all international students across Canada. 30 positions only.

How it works

What does it mean to be a Campus Leader?

Campus Leaders are current international students who are looking to share their experiences with the rest of the community. We select a small group of high-potential international students twice a year who want to up their leadership skills by:

šŸ™ŒBuilding community – Create meaningful connections with fellow international students on your campus and in your city by hosting casual meetups, virtual events, and fun activities.

Content creation – Create and share social media content around the life of an international student like filming fun videos, writing articles, or anything you feel like.

Advocate for international students – Share your experiences of being an international student with our Isempower for future community engagement & platform improvement for the better.

All participation in the Campus Leader program is completely voluntary.

Perks of being a Campus Leader

  • Be an advocate for international students within your community
  • Share jobs & career resources to help your international student friends succeed
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills and add to your resume
  • Reference letter from the Isempower team
  • LinkedIn endorsement and recommendation
  • Be a part of a private Campus Leader group
  • Private group coaching to help you propel your career forward
  • Get cool swags, honorarium, gift cards, access to private events & more
  • Expand your network and make some new friends across the country from different campuses!

Meet our Campus Leader

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