Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the Benefits of Hiring International Students

In today’s globalized world, organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of diversity in the workplace. Canada, for instance, has a large population of international students, with almost 20% of students in the country being international students. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring international students and how to navigate cultural differences in entry-level recruitment. We’ll also share how Isempower’s portal can help employers find diverse candidates easily and efficiently.

Understanding the Benefits of Hiring International Students:

International students bring a unique perspective and a wealth of skills and experience to the workplace. They are highly motivated, have excellent problem-solving skills, and are often fluent in multiple languages. With the Canadian government’s recent announcement that international students are now eligible to work over 20 hours per week, this presents a great opportunity for employers to tap into this pool of talented candidates. According to a study conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, employers who hire international students benefit from increased innovation, expanded networks, and improved cultural awareness.

Navigating Cultural Differences in Entry-Level Recruitment:

One of the challenges that employers may face when hiring international students is navigating cultural differences. It’s essential to understand that cultural norms and values can differ greatly from country to country. Employers must be sensitive to these differences to ensure that they can provide a supportive and inclusive work environment. There are several resources available to help employers navigate cultural differences in recruitment, such as WorkMotion and HBR. However, at Isempower, we take this a step further by providing a portal that allows employers to find diverse candidates easily and efficiently.

How Isempower Can Help:

Isempower’s portal has several features that make it easy for employers to find diverse candidates. The portal provides an ethical breakdown of candidates, with people from over 70 nationalities represented. It also breaks down candidates by their permit type, such as Study Permit, Work Permit, Work Visa, etc. Additionally, the portal allows employers to filter candidates by years of experience and background, making it easier to find candidates who meet their specific requirements. Employers can also invite candidates to apply to their website directly through Isempower.

Hiring international students presents an excellent opportunity for employers to tap into a pool of talented candidates who bring unique skills and perspectives to the workplace. However, navigating cultural differences can be challenging. By using resources such as WorkMotion and HBR and leveraging Isempower’s portal, employers can find diverse candidates easily and efficiently while creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

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