Why Your Business Should Hire International Students: Insights from Isempower

As businesses look for ways to expand their talent pool and remain competitive in a globalized economy, hiring international students can provide a range of benefits. At Isempower, we are committed to empowering the next generation of international talent and helping businesses tap into the potential of this diverse and highly educated workforce.

Here are five reasons why your business should consider hiring international students:

  1. Diversity of Thoughts and Perspectives

At Isempower, we bring together a culturally diverse group of over 70 nationalities, each with their own unique outlooks and perspectives. By hiring international students, businesses can tap into this diversity of thoughts and perspectives, which can bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to your team.

  1. Multilingual Skills

With 73% of our international students possessing multilingual skills, your business can communicate effectively with a wider range of customers and tap into new markets. This can help your business expand its reach and connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

  1. Highly Educated & Experienced

At Isempower, our international students are educated in Canadian institutions and bring an average of 2+ years of work experience from their home countries. This means that businesses can access a highly educated and experienced talent pool that can help drive innovation and growth.

Why should your business hire international students - Isempower
  1. Adaptability & Flexibility

With 58% of our international students willing to relocate, businesses can access a global talent pool that is highly adaptable and flexible. This can be especially valuable in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, where the ability to adjust to new situations and environments is increasingly important.

  1. Diversity Employer Branding

By hiring international students, businesses can enhance their employer branding and show their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This can help attract underrepresented talents and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. With 89% of our international students being visible minorities, this can help build a more representative and equitable workplace.

At Isempower, we are committed to helping businesses tap into the potential of international talent. By hiring international students, businesses can gain access to a diverse and highly skilled workforce that can help drive growth, innovation, and success.