Retail Career Path for International Students: Tips and Resources for Success

Looking for job opportunities in the retail industry as an international student in Canada can be a challenge, but with the right resources and connections, it’s possible to kickstart your career. That’s why we at Isempower are excited to announce our recent partnership with TELUS to help more international students across Canada find jobs in retail.

At our recent TELUS Info Session, over 50 international students participated and engaged in a Q&A session with Emilie Leslie, Talent Acquisition Consultant, and her team at TELUS. They provided valuable insights into the retail industry and the wide range of career opportunities available at TELUS, from sales representatives to store managers and supervisors, with positions available nationwide.

One notable story from the session was Emilie Leslie’s personal career journey at TELUS. She started as a store manager and worked her way up to become the Head of Talent Acquisition. This highlights TELUS’ culture of supporting employee career growth and development.

We’re happy to report that the session was a great success, with students asking interesting questions and gaining valuable insights into the retail industry. And now, with our partnership with TELUS, international students can log on to Isempower’s portal and search for job opportunities with TELUS nationwide.

In addition to the success of the TELUS info session, we are excited to announce our long-term partnership with TELUS to help international students across Canada find part-time and full-time jobs in retail. This partnership will not only provide more job opportunities for international students but also allow them to start off part-time and potentially build their way up to corporate or full-time positions. At Isempower, we are committed to providing career resources and opportunities for international students and this partnership with TELUS is a step towards achieving that goal.

We believe in providing valuable resources and connections to help international students succeed in their careers. That’s why we also offer a boot camp program to help students develop essential networking skills, and we have a variety of job opportunities available across Canada, as well as TELUS.
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