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Meet 70,000+ international students and graduates

Highly diverse candidate pool across Canada from 110+ institutions and growing daily.

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Save time in sourcing and attracting quality candidates

All candidates are in-country, attending & graduated from Canadian institutions.


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Source candidates from 110+ institutions nationwide with advanced 8-point filters, validate their communication skills and work authorization. Invite them to apply with one click.


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with the best candidates

Get to the best matches faster and easier. Our technology provides top candidate recommendations, pre-vetted, for your positions.

Showcase your employer brand nationwide

Deploy your targeted talent attraction and campus recruitment campaigns to entry-level talents nationwide anytime using one platform.


Events and career fairs for Gen-Z

Connect with partner institutions to host virtual info sessions and nationwide career fairs using one platform, and get candidate profiles streamlined.



early-talent pipeline

Prioritize underrepresented talents by identifying candidates’ self-identified information like gender, ethnicity, projected groups and more.


Reduce bias and focus
on quality applicants

Reduce unconscious bias in hiring through a blind hiring mode. Hire only the best fitting applicants without excluding anyone.

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