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Raise the support standards and ensure success outcomes of your international students from day one to post-graduation employment and beyond. 

The #1 International Student Success Software

Equip your international students with top internships & full-time jobs, personalized resources, and mentorship they need to succeed from day one to post-graduation and beyond.

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Our Capabilities

Employment Opportunities

Connect your students with companies that welcome international students & alumni. Match them with top internship & full-time opportunities and exclusive events & career fairs nationwide.

24/7 Training & Resources

Empower your students with instant access to video training, templates, and articles for flexible learning. Our proprietary algorithm tailors resources to each student’s profile and journey.

Advisor & Mentor Appointments

Boost student engagement by centralizing advisor bookings for career services, international student support, and peer mentorship. Ensure constant access to supportive resources for international students.

Success Outcome Tracking

Track and report student and alumni engagement and employment rates in real-time. Identify at-risk students and use insights to shape impactful student success programs.

Reliable Immigration Insights

Provide the most up-to-date FAQs on study permits, work permits, and permanent residence pathways, helping students align immigration pathways with their career choices.

Wrap-around Student Services

Ensure holistic international student success with comprehensive services including mental health support, accommodation assistance, financial aid options, and exclusive perks from Wayble partners.

Why Wayble?


Ensure International Student Success Outcomes

Our cloud-based technology platform helps institutions implement scalable and comprehensive student services in <1 week, effectively reducing manual processes in student services across the institution.


Real-time Data Tracking to Meet Regulatory Standards

Monitor and produce IRCC-mandated reports across departments on international students’ retention, engagement, satisfaction, and employment rate during and after post-graduation in real-time.


Elevate Institution's Reputation to Optimize Enrollments

Address the #1 concern of studying abroad, employment, by bringing labour market and immigration pathway insights to the forefront and connecting prospective students with trusted advisors & mentors.

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Receive job opportunities and exclusive events from us to provide to your international students & alumni.

Built for higher education institution's unique needs

Deliver a seamless student experience while showcasing your institution’s brand. Our software is fully customizable to your brand guidelines, including logo, fonts, and colors.
Enhance collaboration across departments to efficiently support international students on a unified platform. Our software offers an administrative portal enabling staff to seamlessly communicate and assist international students at scale.
The institution maintains complete control over the jobs and resources accessible to students. They can effortlessly add custom jobs, employers, and a wide range of resources tailored to meet their students’ needs.
Access real-time platform engagement and employment data of your students to drive insights for enhancing student success programs. Empower your students where they need it most with targeted support informed by actionable data.
Enable seamless integration by allowing both students and admin users to log in to the platform using their institution’s credentials.
Our system seamlessly integrates with various CRM and LMS solutions, offering compatibility and easy integration with your existing system.

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