Get a Job as International Students to Apply for Permanent Residence

Is your ultimate goal is getting a Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada? A big step towards applying for a Permanent Residency is to get a job. 

There is a big difference between starting a meaningful career in Canada and getting a survival job to just get a PR. We are going to talk about how you can launch your career in Canada while also getting a PR as part of the process.

Identify your NOC before applying

Since you will be graduating from a Canadian institution, you might consider an Express Entry Program. This program is entirely point-based meaning that the job in a higher National Occupation Code (NOC) will yield you a higher score. Before you start targeting a job to apply to, it’s important to cross-reference the job description that you are targeting with your ideal NOC. In order to get a higher score for your PR, we recommend that you aim for a NOC A or NOC 0 for a higher score. Find a NOC code of your area of interest here.

Pre-calculate your score

If getting a PR and launching a successful career is important to you, we recommend that you pre-calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System score for Express Entry prior to targeting a position. You can do this easily using the calculator here and enter your personal information and assumed language test scores. 

Check the Labour Market Information

There are many resources available from the Government of Canada. We recommend that you check out the Labour Market Information explorer to browse positions, wages, outlooks, and job posting counts for a selected occupation and other labour market information across Canada. 

Consult with an immigration consultant

Applying for a Permanent Resident after graduation is an important experience of a lifetime and you will want to do it right. The process can be complex and varies depending on the person. It’s highly recommended that you have a trusted immigration consultant who can look over your application before submitting it to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of your application.