Empowering International Talent: Isempower Joins Forces with Svante to Help Students Land Jobs

We’ve just partnered with Svante!

Svante is a purpose-driven, leading carbon capture and removal solutions provider. They make filters and modular rotary contactor machines that capture and remove CO2 from industrial emissions and the air.

We are thrilled to announce that Isempower is partnering up with Svante, a carbon
capture and removal technology company,the partnership aimed at helping international
students land jobs and assisting Svante in hiring talent with their new financing round.
As a company focused on creating opportunities and empowering international
students, Isempower is excited to work with a company like Svante that shares our
values and mission.

Svante is a company that specializes in carbon capture and removal technology, which
is becoming increasingly important in today’s world as the push for sustainability and
reducing carbon emissions grows. Svante recently raised an impressive $318 million in
Series E round, with investors such as Chevron showing confidence in their technology
and mission. With this new funding, Svante is looking to expand their team and hire top
talent to help them continue to innovate and advance their technology.

At Isempower, we are excited to work with Svante to help them find the best talent out
there, particularly from the international student community. We believe that
international students bring unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that can greatly
benefit companies like Svante. By partnering with Isempower, Svante is not only tapping
into a diverse pool of talent but also making a positive impact in the lives of international
students by providing them with job opportunities.

Entry-level positions and mid-level positions in the areas of Corporate Services, Global
Supply Chain and Operations, Product Department, Project Delivery, R&D Center of
Excellence, Strategic Accounts & Business Development and Technical Services will be
available on the Isempower portal this week (March 27, 2023). Any candidates are
welcome to apply and share their profiles directly with the Svante recruitment team via
the Isempower platform.

We are passionate about this partnership and what it means for the international
student community. We believe that it’s crucial to provide opportunities for talented
individuals to succeed without borders, and we’re thrilled to partner with Svante to make
that a reality. This partnership shows that employers like Svante are committed to
diversity and inclusion and believe in Isempower’s vision of empowering international
students. Together, we can create a brighter future for both the international student
community and companies like Svante.

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