7 Reasons Why Employers Should Hire You as an International Student in Canada

Moving to a new country, you might feel foreign, different from others around you, or sometimes “not good enough”. If you are experiencing this, you need to stop. 

Let us tell you here that you are so brave! 

  • YOU, as an international student, decided to move to a completely new country by yourself to pursue your dream. 
  • YOU are able to figure out many things on your own without any help. 
  • YOU are taking control of your life and constantly going out of your comfort zone every single day. 
  • YOU decided to join Isempower and take control of your career & life in Canada! 
  • YOU are just pure awesome!

When it comes to positioning yourself as an international student in Canada either in your job search, academic setting, or even social setting, it is important to know what values you have to offer.

  1. You speak multiple languages

If English is not your first language and you are living in Canada, this means that you are brave enough to live your life, study, and work in your second language. Many international students speak more than two languages! 

  1. You adapt quickly

Moving to a new country on your own is not easy. You are required to adapt to a new environment, learn a new language, and culture very quickly. This means that you are flexible and ready to face any obstacles in front of you.

  1. You are persistent

Oftentimes, you face hardships in a new country and over time, you develop perseverance to any challenges that come your way. Your perseverance helps you commit to your goals, it helps you push through obstacles to succeed!

  1. You are a fast learner

Being a newcomer to the country, you often need to figure things out on your own. Think about when you had to figure out your visa & permit situation, how to make new friends, or even integrate into a new culture. You are left with no choice but to learn quickly. 

  1. You are flexible

As an international student, you are capable of adjusting to change quickly! If you are here on your own without a family, location is not a constraint to you. This gives you an advantage over other local candidates in terms of relocation for work. 

  1. You take risks

You already showed that you are willing to take risks by moving halfway across the globe. You went out of your comfort zone and took the risk for a better opportunity. We have no doubt that you will take any risk for a better reward in the future! 

  1. You have a cultural intelligence

Being an international student also means you have friends from all around the world. You are constantly learning about new cultures all the time, including Canadian culture! 

At Isempower, we believe that international students have so much to offer because being an international student in Canada is not a disadvantage, it is an advantage. Join our community of international students across Canada who are like-minded and are on a path to success together!