How to Make Resume Stands Out

If you are reading this and have applied for jobs before, you must have experienced submitting a resume and never hearing back. The sad part is that only 75% of resumes don’t get read by humans. 

There are only a few key secret ingredients that make your resume stand out from the others, let’s dive right in.

  1. Good format & concise

A resume is no longer than two pages but ideally, one page is enough. If you have a two-page resume, try making it into one, so you try your best to put everything on one page and cut out what you don’t need. Pick the right format that works in your favor! Read more about different types of formats here.

  1. Personalized to the job

Employers receive over 200 applicants per job posting. The best way to catch their attention is to not be generic in your resume. Include keywords from the job description and prioritize bullet points in your experience section that is most relevant to the job on top of your resume. 

  1. ATS optimized

ATS stands for application tracking system. Most companies use ATS to scan out the candidates that do not meet the qualification. How do they evaluate your qualifications? They look at the number of keyword matches you have on your resume as compared to other candidates. Optimize your resume by including important keywords from the job posting, avoid using jargon, abbreviations, and keep your resume plain and easy to read. 

Let’s get started writing! Need some help on how to write a compelling resume? Download a resume template from Isempower by visiting a Resources page.