3 Resume Formats You Have to Choose

Did you know that there are multiple different types of resume? Choosing the right resume format is already 50% of the work. Choosing the wrong resume format can make your resume go directly to the “no” pile. 

3 Resume Formats

  1. Chronological Resume

This is the most common and popular format of resume. This is when you list the most recent experience at the top and go down. Hiring managers like this type of format because it shows your career progression!

Good for: someone who has linear work experience and wants to get into a similar field of work.

  1. Functional Resume

This is when you group your experiences into categories based on skills demonstrated. You can have a section on a resume that’s called “Customer Service Experience” or “Marketing Experience” then write accomplishment bullet points underneath each section. 

Good for: someone with a gap in employment, someone who is looking to switch from one industry or role to another. 

  1. Hybrid Resume 

This is a combination of both formats mentioned above. You can group your experience into categories based on skills demonstrated similar to functional resume and list experience below in chronological order. 

Good for: someone with a gap in employment, someone who has pursued various career paths.

Which format is for me?

  • You’re working part-time

If your part-time job is not related to what you do and it is the most recent experience you have, opt for a functional or hybrid resume.

  • You have some gap in employment

Opt for functional or hybrid resume

  • You are looking to switch the line of work

In order to highlight the most relevant experience to the new line of work you’re applying for, choose functional or hybrid resume

  • You are a student

If you never worked in your life, go with chronological resume and list out project or volunteering positions

  • You have international experience

If your most recent experience is related to the field you are applying for, then go with a chronological format. 

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